Hasami Porcelain Mug 445ml - Black


The historic town of Hasami in Nagasaki Prefecture is one of the foremost pottery districts in Japan, and home of some of the highest quality mass-produced pottery in the world. HASAMI PORCELAIN was designed by Takuhiro Shinomoto of Tortoise in Venice, CA whose vision was to integrate modern tableware design with the organic quality produced by traditional Japanese manufacturing techniques. HASAMI PORCELAIN is about simplicity, tactility and usability, with each piece designed to integrate with the next to provide a beautiful and seamless flow in your life.

Material: Ceramic
Dimension: H x 106 mm, W x 85 mm
Capacity: 445 ml

Please note Hasami Porcelain is only available for shipping within New Zealand. For international orders please consult your local Hasami retailer.

- Functional nesting design made to be stackable
- Inspired by 400 years of Hasami-made porcelainware
- Soft and comfortable texture
- Matte finish

Designed in Venice, CA / Made in Hasami, Japan

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