Hasami Wood Tray - 14.5cm


Give your Hasami collection little room to move around.

Designed to work alongside their range of pottery, Hasami's collection of smooth, sturdy wooden trays allow you to tessellate your collection, creating a multi-functional array of ceramics that's as beautiful as it is practical. Trays can function as a tray, a coaster or a lid, to insulate, store or stack.

The medium size is designed to function alongside a selection of Hasami's items with the same 145mm diameter: this includes a selection of plates and bowls you can find in our Hasami collection. It’s also big enough to fit a good few items of your own.

100% oak wood trays with a natural grain and Hasami Porcelain logo engraving on its base.

Please note Hasami Porcelain is only available for shipping within New Zealand. For international orders please consult your local Hasami retailer.

Made in Japan

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