Karin Carlander

Tote Bag - Yinyang white/black - No. 13


A Tote Bag with two lengths of straps, lining made of the same material as the bag which gives it an exclusive look without seams and a small zipper-closed pocket ideal for keys and small objects.

The Tote Bag can be worn in many ways, carried over the shoulder, crossed over the chest or held in one hand. 

Wash and care:
Linen is a natural material that changes structure when washed and with use. We see this as a part of the beauty of the material. The use of linen is a choice that requires knowledge about the material. Please read our wash and care instructions carefully before use. Be aware that excess fibers may occur during the first few washings.

Measurements: 40 x 43 cm

100% naturally grown linen certified Masters of Linen®.

All processes made in Europe by a skilled and local workforce.

The Maker: Karin Carlander carries the Masters of Linen® certification, which is awarded to carefully chosen farmers, spinners, weavers and knitters who have committed to working with 100 % European produced linen, traceable in every step from the sown seed to the final fabric. The textiles from Karin Carlander are woven of linen spun from flax naturally grown and retted on the ground fields stretching from Caen in France, through Belgium to Amsterdam. In this area all water requirements are met naturally by rainfall. Flax from the area are fibres of the highest quality and the farming creates no waste, as everything from the crop is being used. The work in the entire process from growing, spinning, dyeing and weaving is done by highly skilled, educated and local craftsmen.

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