Chikuno Cube House - Natural Air Purifier


The Chikuno Cube is a natural air purifier made from activated charcoal and clay minerals. The micro-honeycomb structure of the cubes is engineered to optimise the total surface area of the charcoal and amplify its effectiveness, allowing this four-cube set to absorb odours, moisture, and impurities in enclosed spaces of up to 68 sq. ft. Each set also comes with a wooden base, available in one of two colours.

Winner of the 2008 Japanese Good Design Award.

About Activated Charcoal
A local natural resource since prehistoric times, activated charcoal is an eco-friendly natural purifier renowned for its incredible absorbency. Its structure is filled with hundreds of microscopic cavities that trap odor-causing chemicals, so potent that one gram of charcoal has as much surface area as a tennis court. When its powder is infused into beauty and health goods, those products retain its amazing absorptive qualities. Originally harnessed by Japanese craftsmen four hundred years ago for its purifying properties, our collection reimagines an ancient technique for modern living.

Materials: Bamboo activated charcoal, clay

Dimensions: Height: 6” Width: 5” Depth: 1½”

Care Instructions: Refresh cubes by exposing them to direct sunlight for at least six hours each month. This helps to release trapped odours and extends the cubes' lifespans.
Kyoto, Japan


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