Sasawashi Body Scrub Towel


Revitalize your skin the natural way with this exfoliating body scrub towel from Sasawashi. Made from looped Sasawashi terry and deodorizing Kumazasa plant fibers, this cleansing essential effortlessly scrubs away the grime of daily life for a refreshed, healthy glow. The Sasawashi Body Scrub towel is designed to gently exfoliate your whole body, even hard-to-reach places like your back and feet. The absorbent fabric dries quickly and prevents mildew growth.  

About Sasawashi

Sasawashi was founded as a reaction to the wastefulness and ephemeral lifespan of the textile industry. Made from absorbent washi (Japanese paper) threads infused with antibacterial Kumazasa plant fibers, this innovative fabric contains natural deodorisin properties that prevent mildew growth and fiber deterioration. From room shoes to scrub towels, every piece in the Sasawashi collection stays true to its founding principles: comfort, longevity, and simplicity.

Materials: Sasawashi fabric, cotton piping.

Dimensions: Width: 8” Length: 36”

Care: Machine wash in a net with similar colors. Do not bleach or tumble dry.

Origin: Osaka, Japan

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