Jo Giddens

Status Quo - 2021


Status Quo - 2021

  • Wood block print with wood ball on Fabriano paper

  • Framed 

  • 1/1

Artist Statement

A huge interest in typographic forms and wordsmithing gives great power when integrated into printed works, maybe on cloth or beautiful printmaking paper. I have no desire to mass produce anything I create and embrace slow media techniques, tools, and machinery such as Letter Press, Typewriters, Woodcut and more recently Wood lithography (Mokulito) to make my limited-edition artworks.

Nearly always the inspiration for a new work comes from my writing —a simple haiku or something I’ve been reading and often from observations of what is going on around me. Every day I write in journals and document events – major and completely ordinary – as snap shots of time and place. 

My years of teaching fashion design, patternmaking and then Graphic Design has a major influence in the aesthetic of my works. I have my own style and the confidence to discover new ways of creating contemporary works that are unique and hopefully always inspiring.

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