Tamaki Niime

Tamaki Niime - Wool Hat


Enjoy the simple shape that anyone can easily wear and knitting method, texture, and color matching. Interweave slab yarns and non-twisted yarns, making zigzag patterns by cable knitting, it looks plain but actually it’s mixed various colors and using uneven dyed yarns. A knit hat that mixes playfulness and commitment.

Material: wool 85% Cotton 15%
Handmade in Hyogo, Japan

The Maker
Creative Japanese designer, Tamaki Niime, established her own apparel brand in 2006 in Nishiwaka, Hyogo, an area known for the traditional Banshu-ori method of making cotton textiles.

She creates special, one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories, all in vibrant, beautiful colours, all individualistic, using original fabric. These one-off, unique pieces include items such as shawls, dresses, hand and arm warmers and slippers.

Tamaki Niime’s been growing cotton organically since 2014, sourcing materials with 100% traceability. With vintage looms and knitting machines, she and her creative team produce all the fabrics themselves on their premises.


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