Tamaki Niime

Tamaki Niime - Medium Hand/Arm Warmers - 02


Driven by Tamaki's passion for revitalising Banshu-ori, this wool arm warmer was carefully created with you in mind. This is the ideal garment to keep you warm without taking your gloves off to answer your phone. Made with the highest quality and exclusive to Tamaki Niime. 

Material: W85% Co11% Ny3% Pu1%

Origin: Handmade in Hyogo, Japan.

The Maker
Creative Japanese designer, Tamaki Niime, established her own apparel brand in 2006 in Nishiwaka, Hyogo, an area known for the traditional Banshu-ori method of making cotton textiles.

She creates special, one-of-a-kind pieces of clothing and accessories, all in vibrant, beautiful colours, all individualistic, using original fabric. These one-off, unique pieces include items such as shawls, dresses, hand and arm warmers and slippers.

Tamaki Niime’s been growing cotton organically since 2014, sourcing materials with 100% traceability. With vintage looms and knitting machines, she and her creative team produce all the fabrics themselves on their premises.

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