Timbre WAKKA Key Holder - Gold/Maple


The WAKKA Key Holder is an ideal place to store your keys so that they never get lost. Attach the wooden base to any wall with the included mounting hardware and add your keys to the included key ring. When the base and key ring are magnetically paired, you are rewarded with a satisfying click that assures you that your keys are safely stowed. The wooden base is crafted in Asahikawa using sophisticated woodworking techniques, and the metal key ring is crafted Higashi-Osaka from solid metal. Designed by Mikiya Kobayashi.

About Timbre
Timbre is a collection of home accessories and design objects created with sound in mind. Appealing to both the visual and auditory senses, they aim to enrich your everyday life with gentle sounds generated by subtle movements. 

Materials: Key Ring: Iron, Brass, Stainless Steel; Base: Wood, Neodymium Magnet ABS Resin; Plate: ABS Resin
Dimensions: Diameter: 1.97”, Depth: 1”
Care: The wooden base can hold approximately 250g. The included mounting equipment comes with screws, nails, and tape for mounting on wood and drywall.
Origin: Osaka, Japan

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